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Haul: Clean beauty found at Walmart!

Hey Sunshines,

I Hope you're all enjoying your summer! During summer I always prefer lightweight skin care and light coverage makeup, while also using minimal items to achieve a natural look. So today I'm sharing a little haul of products I'm re-purchasing and a few new things from one of my favorite beauty brands. All items can be found at Walmart and I've linked them so it's easy for you to shop directly on this post :)

I was recently browsing through Walmart's website and I was honestly shocked to see they now carry some of my favorite beauty brands! I think it's awesome that drugstores like Walmart are beginning to include cleaner options that benefit both, those who are already prioritizing clean beauty ingredients (like me) and those who are not so familiar with clean beauty but because they're already use to shopping at Walmart, they can now be exposed to products with a cleaner ingredients. Those of us trying to live a more cautious lifestyle know that, when we're beginning our transition into cleaner living we have to sacrifice certain convenient stores and make more of an effort to shop at other stores that primarily focus on natural/organic everything. I think many stores like Walmart can see that the market for natural beauty is only rising and it only makes sense to open up their shelves to cleaner options. Either way, this is a great opportunity for everyone. Here are some of my personal faves from that I selected based on the ingredients and highly quality.

Jane Iredale has been one of my favorite and most used brands for years! I was so happy to see it available at Walmart because this brand is truly clean and high quality. I've been using their contour kit, mineral foundation, primer, and eyeliner for years, so I had to restock on those, but I also added some new favorites I'd like to share with you like their hydration spray and brow pencil.

Brief description of all 8 products:

1. Retractable Brow Pencil (med brown)

It's long wearing and waterproof! I use a lighter shade because it looks less dramatic and more natural than dark brown or black.

2. Smooth Affair Primer

This primer is formulated for oily skin so it's perfect for summer.

3. POMMISST Hydration spray

I'm obsessed with this spray! I use it as the last step to set my makeup.

4. Pressed Mineral Foundation Compact (refill)

I was using the color autumn in my compact but now that I'm so tanned, I got a refill in the color cognac to match summer tan.

This Mineral foundation contains SPF20 and it's water-resistant. It's just perfect for summer!

5. Smooth Affair Eyeshadow Primer

This is cream to powder formula that prevents creasing on the eyes while wearing eyeshadow but it can also be used as a highlight too.

6. Mystikol Powered Eyeliner

I love that this comes with a built in brush for a matte smokey wing look.

7. Great Shape Contour Kit (Deep)

This has been my favorite kit for years which includes a highlight, blush, and contour shade that's perfect for my skin tone.

8. Derma e Radiant Glow Face Oil

This is my very own oil I collaborated in making with Derma e. It's a multi purpose, light weight oil for face, body, and hair! It can be used day or night and It's made for all skin types (including oily skin). Walmart carries other Derma e products also!

Great News! My Radiant Glow Face Oil is also at Walmart! This is a product that I collaborated in making with the brand Derma e. It's been out for over 2 years now and its still continuing to receive so much praise for its lightweight feel and powerful results. This oil is a combination of all my favorite beneficial oils, in one product to balance moisture and add a radiant glow to skin and hair. It's multi purpose too, so feel free to combine it with your favorite face cream (day/night), or use it alone as a light weight moisturizer. Tip: Use it on your decollate (chest/shoulder area) when wearing a low cut top and add a few drops to the palm of your hands to smooth onto your hair for a healthy looking shine.

❥ Alba

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