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How I clean my bedroom/nursery + baby laundry

Hey Sunshines,

Today I'm sharing how I maintain my bedroom and nursery clean, along with sharing my favorite laundry options for my family. As you know, cleaning products often contain yucky chemicals we shouldn't breath in or use around kids/pets. For this reason and more, I love cleaning with natural, clean ingredients and I make DIY alternatives as well. See my video below to watch how I maintain my bedroom and nursery area clean throughout the week and my weekly laundry.

I love shopping at! They carry so many natural brands I use and love. If you missed my first cleaning video (where I showed you how I clean my entire home) you can watch it here⇢ Natural Home Cleaning Routine to see what I use while cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, dishes, stove etc...

Just like in my previous cleaning video, I partnered with Grove Collaborative to give you this great FREE offer when you sign up and spend $20+ on your first order! To get this free offer you must use my link and it'll auto apply when you check out.


a: Grove Collaborative 3 pack concentrates

(All purpose, Tub & Tile, & Glass Cleaner)

b: Grove Collaborative glass spray bottle

c: Grove Collaborative 2 pack Microfiber cloths

d: Grove Enamel Caddy

e: Free Shipping + Free VIP trial

f: Total value: $40+ (what a great deal!)

*Note: if you already use grove, you'll get a free set of their walnut scrubber sponges (same link will auto apply)

At you can find some of my favorite brands like, Dr. Bronners, Molly Suds, full circle, Aunt Fannies, the "if you care" brand and the grove collaborative brand! This is a great place to be introduced to sustainable, natural solutions and accessories for your cleaning.

Instead of using synthetic scents, and toxic perfumes in the home (especially around baby) I love using organic essential oils. Grove has a great organic selection. When I'm feeling sick with a cold, I love using Eucalyptus essential oil in my ultrasonic aroma diffuser to help with breathing as we sleep. Tip: While you're beginning your cleaning turn on your diffuser with a clean essential oil like orange, lemon or lavender to kick off your cleaning mood. By the time you're done cleaning your home will have an beautiful aroma that's enhances a fresh and clean feeling. Another Tip: add 5-8 drops of lavender essential oil (or any scent of your choice) to your wool dryer balls and place them in the dryer with your wet clothing to add a natural scent and reduce static. This is also a great alternative to using fabric softeners for scent. Simple and effective!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful. See you next time

❥ Alba Ramos

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