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Bedroom & Nursery (All-in-One) Room Tour

Hello Sunshines,

This video has been highly requested for so many years but I just recently started feeling settled in our bedroom. Prior to my pregnancy I had a different plan as to what I'd do with the other side of our bedroom but thanks to my Alma, we now feel our room is complete since she has moved into our bedroom and our lives :) I chosen to have our bedroom and her nursery area all-in-one for now because it makes me feel more comfortable having her near us instead of in a separate room (especially so early on) and I have less anxiety knowing she close to us. I know it's pretty normal to have a baby monitor for baby's but we rather not use baby monitors because we're very aware of the potential harm EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) exposure may cause. Unfortunately we're all exposed to EMF as were surrounded by it daily and constantly but its especially important for babies and young children to avoid unnecessary exposure. Here's why: Click to read

Why an Organic Crib & Mattress?

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The Savvy Baby crib mattress is completely GOTS-certified organic. Made with natural latex, not synthetic latex. It's simply natural foam rubber. Their natural Dunlop latex is certified organic in two ways. The rubber tree plantations are certified organic (USDA standards) and they stay away from cotton treated with pesticides because this is harmful to our bodies especially our small babies who sleep and breath their mattress materials daily. Instead of using flame retardants Savvy Rest uses GOTS-certified organic wool batting as a natural flame barrier. Wool also regulates temperature by promoting airflow. So as a parent I have peace of mind knowing my child safely sleeps on organic materials without toxic flame retardants or toxic memory foam or polyurethane foam.

The Oeuf Crib:

We chose the Oeuf crib for so many health reasons very much like the mattress.

• Made from locally sourced wood (GREENGUARD GOLD certified)

• Finishes are non-toxic, water-based, and free of VOC health hazards and finishing materials are recycled

• Converts into a toddler bed + has a slim look giving it an airy environment for baby

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