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Natural/Organic Home Cleaning Routine!

Happy New Year Sunshines!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and I truly wish our world has a blessed year with more love and kindness for one another. Today, I'm so excited to finally share with you a full topic on my cleaning routine and why I use the products I use. As most of you know, switching to natural cleaning products is one of the first things I changed in my lifestyle many years ago when I was transitioning to a cleaner lifestyle with less toxicity. It all started with me becoming a mom and for the first time ever caring for someone else other than myself in a way I never cared for anyone, not even myself. Like many moms, I was concerned about what my child was breathing as I cleaned our home and what my child touched everyday, so naturally I developed an interest for safer and cleaner ingredients for my family. I grew up with my mother using so many highly toxic cleaning products available at common drugstores and 99cents stores like bleach, ammonia, strong bathroom disinfectants, and strong floor cleaners that required her to wear a face mask to prevent her from coughing! Yes... it was that intense and we were all exposed to this intensity of chemicals in our home. When my son was a new born I remember my mother calling me and asking me to not bring my baby over until she was done airing out her apartment after cleaning. She was aware that it's not good for the baby to breath in but she thought it was ok for herself and us as adults to be exposed to those types of products. I decided to do things differently in my own home and with my change, I even inspired my own mother to reevaluate her take on cleaning. For years you guys have been requesting for me to create a video on this topic and show what I use to clean my home and do my laundry ect... so this video and blog post is long over due but I'm so glad to finally share it with you. LETS GET CLEAN IN 2018!!!

A few months ago I discovered the Grove Collaborative website and I was so happy to see that they carry several of my long time favorite cleaning brands and cleaning accessories to make my cleaning easier, more organized and fun! Yes, I said fun. I was already planning on sharing my cleaning routine on my YouTube channel this new year, so this is the perfect opportunity to also introduce you to

Grove is a website that carries all natural/organic home and personal care products with a large selection of all kinds of products/brands that I know if safer for our home, kids, pets and our environment. Their website is so well organized to make your shopping easier, and you can get your favorite stuff delivered every month so you never run out and you'll feel good about what you're purchasing. I partnered with them to give you this great FREE offer when you sign up and spend $20 on your first order! To get this free offer you must use my link to automatically apply it to your check out⇢


a: Grove Collaborative 3 pack concentrates (All purpose, Tub & Tile, & Glass Cleaner)

b: Grove Collaborative glass spray bottle (re-usable)

c: Grove Collaborative 2 pack Microfiber cloths (re-usable + washable)

d: Grove Enamel Caddy (for easy cleaning storage)

e: Free Shipping + Free VIP trial

f: Total value: $40+ (what a great deal!)

g: Note: if you already use grove, you'll get a free set of their walnut scrubber sponges (same link will auto apply it)

I'm so happy you guys are getting this free offer because these are my own personal favorites too!


Vinegar is a well known natural alternative to conventional cleaners because it can be used to clean and disinfect the entire home in a safe, affordable and sustainable way. Vinegar also doubles as a food so it's the only cleaner that is entirely safe to consume. This makes it safe to use near/around food and children. All you need is a re-usable glass spray bottle, add white distilled vinegar about half way, and fill with water. BONUS: you can combine vinegar + soap + water to make your own toilet/floor cleaner like I did in my video shown above.

Save money and help our environment by reducing your use of paper towels. Instead of disposing tons of paper towels every time you clean why not try using microfiber cloths which are re-usable and machine washable. I love them especially for glass cleaning, and metals because it doesn't leave streaks or lint behind. These full circle cellulose sponge cloths are also re-usable and can be washed in your dishwasher. Both options are effective and convenient for cleaning, while also saving you money on those disposable paper towels.

Enjoy your cleaning!


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