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Top 10 Natural Curly Hair Products For Winter!

Hey Sunshines,

Today I want to share with you some current favorite (winter friendly) hair products I've been using most and why I like them. Some things have changed for me when it comes to my styling technique, especially for winter along with new hair goals I've developed. I'll definitely share more about my styling technique in a video so that its more visually explained but in this post, I'll be sharing my top 10 hair products I'm loving for winter!

Current hair goal?

My goal is to have stronger, more moisturized curls as often as possible. Lately I've noticed my hair has been dryer than usual, prone to breakage, and knotting easier than ever before. I believe this is due to dryness from my recent lack of care for my hair. In my first 3-4 months of pregnancy I neglected my hair while dealing with morning sickness/fatigue and it made me too sluggish to even care about beauty. For example; I did not deep condition as much as I use to, I only did standard wash & go's (with shampoo), I did not co-wash to lessen my shampoo usage, and it's been 2 years since my last professional hair trim so I trimmed my ends myself about 2 months ago. All of this became a problem for me and my hair suffered visibly which is what also discouraged me from doing hair videos on my channel. This is why I decided to start a new hair goal. These products you're about to see are based on that goal to recover my hair's health and start loving my hair again.

The List:

No. 1 Briogeo 'Don't Despair, Repair!' Deep Conditioning Mask

$36.00 Available at: Sephora +

I was introduced to this mask many years ago in a sample size. I immediately purchased a full size and still love it years later. This mask creates amazing softness and hydrates my curls so well! Part of my goal is to devote one day a week to deep conditioning my hair. This is the mask I've been using most for the past 3 weeks and I've seen a significant difference in my hairs elasticity and strength. Less knots, less breakage, and less fall out when I detangle in the shower.

No. 2 Kinky Curly 'Knot Today' (leave-in conditioner)

$10-$12 Available at: Target, Whole Foods Market & several drugstores

This is an OG detangler/leave-in every curly girl should know about. It's such a well known product and It's a good thing it's affordable and accessible because I'm always running out of it. This leave-in conditioner contains organic slippery elm and organic marshmallow root which I believe is what gives it the "knot today" quality. It's designed to smooth the hair cuticle, remove knots and tangles from textured hair. Wavy hair types can use it as a detangler to rinse out, or as a light styler, but thick curly textures should use it as a leave-in (not rinse out). I use it as the first step in my styling routine and it works great with a gel or cream product as a follow up styler. I also love to re-style my hair with this product as the only styler I re-use because its light enough to not clog or cause buildup but hydrating enough to maintain and smooth my curls.

No. 3 Camille Rose Naturals 'Curlaid Moisture Butter'

$15.00 Available at: Target + other drugstores

This is such a creamy styling butter that my hair just loves especially for the NY winter season. I like to use this in my LOC method routine. The LOC method is a 3 step styling technique where I'd use a light leave-in first, then almond oil to coat and protect my hair, and lastly this moisture butter to seal my curls and add lasting definition for days! This 3 step technique is the only routine that allows my hair to look great curly for 4+ days until wash day. This is also awesome for protective styles like a twist-out to maintain your hair moisturized and defined for longer throughout your winter styling.

No. 4 Qhemet Biologics 'Amla & Olive Heavy Cream'

$21.00 Available at Sephora and

I believe this product is best known for thick, dry, and course hair types. For me it's not something I can use as a leave-in curly styler but it is amazing for my winter twist-outs and updo's. I just make sure to not use too much of it on my strands because if I do, it can weigh down my texture and create too much of a thick cream feeling. A little goes a long way. This product is on my list because it contains amazing ingredients that nourish and help grow and maintain healthy hair. It contains Ayuverdic botanicals, MSM, Castor Oil, Amla, and Olive oil in one! All of these ingredients are known to be softening, moisturizing, nourishing and helpful for healthy hair growth. This is an awesome brand overall but this product I've been re-purchasing since 2015 when I found it while shopping at Erewhon Market in California.

No. 5 Briogeo 'Be Gentle, Be Kind' Co-Wash

$32.00 Available at: Sephora and

This is an awesome product that makes my wash day's easier because I don't want to over use shampoo or dry out my curls. Unlike traditional shampoos, this non-lathering (Co-Wash) cleanser is so hydrating, has high-slip for easy detangling and does not dry out my curls. It creates a softening feel like a conditioner except this is a cleanser that gets the job done. Who doesn't want that clean feeling with moisturized, tangle-free curls every week?! I like to alternate between using a co-wash and using a shampoo so that I'm not over drying my curls with shampoo only but also not causing build-up by co-washing only and still clarifying from time to time, in between. Thick and curly textured hair is typically on the dryer side because hair oils don’t spread as down evenly through the hair shaft and strands as it would with thinner/finer hair or straight hair. Contrary to sudsing shampoo's (which can cause higher levels of oil loss) this co-wash cleanser is gentle enough and strong enough for curly and dry textured hair.

No. 6 Pure Life Soap Co. 'Aloe 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner'

$10.00 Available at: Amazon, + several natural food market's (beauty isle)

I recently purchased this product at my local food market where there's a small natural beauty isle with natural brand options. I'm familiar with other products from this brand (specifically their conditioners) but this one stuck out to me because I never considered using a 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner in one. I've been trying this one our and honestly, it looks and feels like a shampoo (slightly less drying) but I enjoy using this to cleanse on quick wash & go day or prior to my deep conditioning. I think this would be amazing for straight, wavy, or fine/thin hair types that benefit from shampoo but need hydration and shine.

No. 7 100% Pure Glossy Locks 'Grow More' Conditioner

$33.00 Available at:

This is a super clean ingredients type of conditioner, formulated to minimize shedding and to stimulate the scalp for new hair growth. This is my 2nd bottle of this conditioner and I really enjoy the peppermint tingle it provides on the scalp. I have not noticed longer hair growth from this yet but I still enjoy using it to stimulate my scalp as I massage this in after cleansing. I have noticed that I cannot comfortably use this conditioner on my scalp area after co-washing because it somehow makes my scalp feel a bit itchy and not clean after, so I only use this after clarifying with a shampoo. The ingredients are so amazing with organic everything! Aloe, Mint, Biotin+ B vitamins, Caffeine, Green Tea, Ginseng, Apple Cider Vinegar and more!

No. 8 Innersense 'I create Hold' Styling Gel

$24.00 Available at:

I absolutely love this brand and this gel is my favorite product out of the 3 I've tried from this brand. Unlike many "natural" brands this brand is truly clean and organic. This is the cleanest hair brand I've ever used! It also scores a clean zero(0) on the ThinkDirty app. That's actually how I found this brand, while browsing through the app and I noticed how clean and perfect it seems. This styling gel feels more like a hair serum than a traditional gel (except with hold). I did a first impressions video using it along with a leave-in and since then I've learned to use it even more. I find that it works best on damp hair that's slightly dripping in water (more wet than dry) it seems to absorb the product best when hair is wet not just damp/dry. It truly creates manageability from roots to ends and it's made with Organic Honey which acts as a natural resin to create style and hold. Honey is a humectant, which provides moisturizing benefits for hair and also acts as an anti-irritant, which is perfect for sensitive scalps and skin. I'm not a fan of crunchy hard hair so don't worry because this gel gives flexible hold.

No. 9 Evolv h 'Ultra Shine' Moisture Conditioner

$28 for 8.5oz -- $33 for 33.8oz Available at: +

I received a sample size set of this conditioner with the shampoo from credo beauty and I absolutely loved it! Not only did it have the most addictive pleasant scent that lingers but it felt so nice and luxurious as I used it. It literally felt expensive! This is a silicone free conditioner that claims to prevent breakage, split ends and frizzy dry hair. It felt super silky which made it easier to detangle my hair and my bathroom smelled insanely amazing! I liked it so much that I even used a little bit of it as a leave-in because it was too good to just rinse out. The scent lasted like 3 days on my hair and I kept smelling myself the whole time. Ok, I'll stop talking about the scent and just tell you that it truly felt so nice. I think this is one of the few conditioners that's actually accurate when they say it works on straight to curly to dry/frizzy hair. I need to buy myself the large 1liter bottle because I miss using this.

No. 10 Sky Organics Sweet Almond Oil

$19.95 Available at:

Organic Almond Oil is so versatile and functional for beauty DIY's and multi-purpose from head to toe. You don't necessarily need this specific brand, as long as it's a pure source it's all good. I've been using this one here as my LOC method oil within my styling routine. There's nothing like Almond Oil to use as a leave-in oil. Just take my word for it. It's rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, and helps repair dry damaged hair. I also love using it into my scalp oil mix along with rosemary essential oil and castor oil to stimulate new hair growth.

Those are my top 10! I hope you found this helpful. Thanks for reading!


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