This is the day I married the man of my dreams officially before God, although we already vowed to love eachother for the rest of our lives prior to this ceremony.

In this video I entertain you with why I shop cautiously and how I save money doing so while minimizing the unnecessary items.

This is my first ever "Weekend Morning Routine" featuring fitness, skin care and more!

This is our first vlog in our "About That Life" vlog series where we tell our story on our sons current journey with Autism

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Hi! I'm Alba Ramos

I'm a mom to a beautiful boy who has taught me the meaning of living. I'm the wife of a man who's watched me grow and has grown with me. I'm a girl who's never been accurate about where I think my future will go.

but, lets back up...

I was born in Dominican Republic. My parents decided to pursue New York City and our life began here when I was 3 years old. Although I grew up in NY, my parents did a great job at maintaining my roots in America. For example; Spanish is my first language, and that's all we spoke at home. My brothers and I weren't allowed to speak English in the house, just at school. I went to a Catholic School (although I do not label myself as catholic today) until I went to Fashion Industries High School, because I initially wanted to pursue being a fashion Designer.


Straight out of high school I got my first job at Abercrombie & Fitch (on 5th avenue) and on Nov. 19th 2006 I met the man that use to be a myth in my mind, but somehow became human (cheesy but true!). He was a professional model and I was a brand rep assigned to help on his training day. He became the shirtless guy who stands in front of the store taking pictures with costumers. We became friends and from a friendship we became a couple. He allowed me to grow with him and he chose to grow with me. Together we strengthened ourselves, improved our friendship and the quality of our relationship.

Fast forward, I had an unexpected pregnancy at 20 years old, living with my parents and still in college. Having our son Manny was both scary and exciting at the same time, but we started a family together and I became a stay-at-home mom at 21. I didn't feel comfortable going back to school or work yet while he was a baby, so I chose to stay home with him. I never imagined the type of mom I'd be, in fact I never imagined myself as a mom at all. A year later (2010) I decided to make a Youtube channel as a hobby to connect with others while still being a mommy at home. Back then it wasn't well known that youtubers could become something more. I didn't take it seriously until 2011-2012 when I began to share my hair recovery after experiencing severe heat damage and lost my natural curls. That's when I noticed the most engagement with my audience and my viewership grew. I continued making videos and the more I learned through this experience the more I became comfortable and creative with my content. At the time, I used all the standard brands and products commonly known, and even scored my first beauty campaign with a major brand.


God had other plans for us. Our son Manny was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three (3). We didn't know what to do with his diagnosis or how to go about helping him but as we left the evaluation room, and got in a cab with our son, we both looked at each other and knew what we didn't want for our son's health. We didn't exactly know where to begin but my husband decided to go to the university of google and research day and night like his life depended on it. He found books, articles, videos, documentaries, forums, private groups, conventions, new doctors etc... He shared all of this with me and the decision became more clear. Since then we changed our son's diet, our own diet and our entire lifestyle. It was long over due to also change beauty method to a toxin-free one, and stop promoting products I don't believe are good for us. So I slowly transitioned into giving away and trashing all my unwanted skin, body, hair, and makeup products with toxins and gradually started using products with a cleaner ingredients list. My content grew with me as I learned a new way to view beauty and natural living.

Today I sit here writing this About Me story for you because you have grown with me too and you've given me a platform to learn, create, and share my journey. Thank You for being here and thank you for your support.

                                                                                                                                    Alba Ramos

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